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Texas weather is a bit like its people: rugged, beautiful and unpredictable. And our metal buildings are built to withstand even the most blistering summers, wet winters and severe weather.

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design a steel building

Metal buildings are a great way to add extra spaces to work in and complete various tasks. To help facilitate that, we offer a number of general steel buildings that can cover a variety of uses. Steel buildings aren't just for industrial use either, they have a lot of practical uses around your home, around the farm, or around your business. Our general steel buildings are all built to suit your needs, there's no need for cookie-cutter templates or picking from a small list. We'll help you design something that's the right size and shape for whatever you want to do with it.

We custom build our structures to fit your exact wants and needs. Contact us for a free quote.

  • Free span I beam Construction

  • I beam columns and trusses

  • Many options to choose from

  •  6” thick concrete slab standard

  • Lifetime craftsmanship warranty

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Metal Building Springtown, TX

Not only do we build to suit, but we also use post-frame building to create durable structures that will last for years and that go up much quicker than wood frame buildings. Using anchor steel beams and girts for horizontal and vertical support and a metal roof, we can put a building up in no time and by choosing one of our general steel buildings, you don't have to worry about fire, rot, mold, and other common problems with wood buildings.


One of the best uses of our metal buildings is for use as farm buildings. Metal barns are a great alternative to standard wood barns and go up much quicker. The cost is also significantly lower as well. The cost of materials alone for a traditional wood building is significant due to the price of quality wood, but when you factor in the cost of building a building from it and the time it takes, you’re looking at a significant investment. By comparison, metal is clearly the superior choice.


We can build a metal barn to function as a workshop or garage, the possibilities are limitless with our metal construction capabilities. All Texans understand how devastating it can be to lose all your personal property destroyed by a tornado. Metal buildings are studier than pole barns and will withstand high speed winds.

We are also able to build from kits if you prefer that method. Using pre-made barn or shed kits in place of designing your own is a good option if you just need a new building put up in a hurry. Once more, you can combine multiple kits to create the perfect space for any type of job. Barn and shed kits are also a very affordable option if you’re not in the market for a completely new build, meaning you get the metal building you want


If you aren’t sold yet on our amazing metal buildings, then contact us and speak with a representative and see what we can do for you. Chances are, we’ve got something that’ll be just what you need.

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