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All Metal Welding Services:
Fence welder, Metal Buildings, Custom Welding & Metal Fabrication in Springtown TX

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All metal welding services You Can Count On

We can handle all of your highest quality fabrication needs in one place with our custom sheet metal fabrication, aluminum fabrication, and even stainless steel fabrication. Try finding all of those services in one place! Most places will offer only one or two of these services because of the expertise required. Not so with us, we've got experienced welders and fabricators to handle all types of work. That's where we stand out. If you are searching for "fence welding near me", you have found the right mobile welding services. Make an appointment with local welding services.


Building and post construction is another area that we specialize in. Whether you just need a lean-to or shed built to store some extra materials or possessions or you need something a bit larger, we can custom build you a barn, metal storage building, or other structure that will be the perfect fit.

Coyote Fencing

Coyote proof fencing and pig fencing is a highly recommended for folks that live in open areas where coyotes prowl and for those that handle livestock that attracts predators. We can custom build highest quality coyote fences for your property that will keep them out in the most humane way possible.


Our experienced fence welders make a fence of solid steel mesh that prevents coyotes from climbing over. The fence posts are set deep into the ground to prevent tunneling by critters trying to get under your fence giving you complete protection from these unwanted nasty predators.

General Steel Building

When it comes to stainless steel construction, we are unmatched compared to welding companies. We use stainless steel metal building construction methods to erect almost any type of structure you can imagine. We will supply the steel building components with structural steel. This allows us to put up new buildings securely and quickly so that our customers have the extra space they need for whatever it is they're doing.


This type of construction is faster and sturdier to build than traditional wood frame construction. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials out there, so you know your buildings will last. This lets us do what others can't build you cost-effective structures that will last as long as you own your business or property. If you're looking to have a new building built, our steel construction is the way to go.

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Metal Barns

When it's time for a new barn, relying on traditional pole barn (wooden beams) is no longer the way to go. When you want something durable and long-lasting that's also affordable and can be put together in a hurry, then you want one of our metal barns.


Better yet, if you’re looking for something more modular, we can custom build you a metal barn from any number of barn kits. This is a fast and easy solution for when you just need a building put up as fast as possible. Kits are a great option when drawing up plans of your own isn’t a good fit or you don’t have the time.


You can trust us to use barn kits to get you a brand new barn up and going in no time.


These are just a few of our incredible all metal welding repairs. Check out our services page for full descriptions of the services we provide.

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WD Welding Services LLC is a family owned welding company with experienced welders specializing in all metal welding and fabrication services, our mission is to bring you the quality materials, equipment, and maintenance you need to get your job done. Our highly trained welders and metal fabricators know how to handle just about any type of metal construction there is to give you a dependable build every time.


When looking for a "welding shop near me", "local welding services" or local welding shops" know that we are your locally trusted welding pros that can handle almost any turnaround welding services, aluminum welding, spot welding, welding repairs, and various kinds of metal fabrication in North Texas.


Don't think of us as just experienced welders, we're some of the best metal fabricators around. We have been in the business since 2008 and have over 40 years of experience in welding and metal fabrication. We are your local welders in Springtown Tx, !

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